Why GreenPoint Roofing’s Shingle Warranty is Better than Most

When it comes to roofing, there are plenty of warranty options out there, and you want the very best for your home. We at GreenPoint Roofing are confident that our shingle warranty is one of the best on the market.

Read on to learn all about our shingle warranty and why we are proud to say it’s better than most.

GreenPoint Roofing’s Shingle Warranty

GreenPoint Roofing’s shingle warranty is better than most. This is due to a number of factors, all of which we are proud to list here: our lifetime shingle warranties, our workmanship, our branded materials systems, and the experience of our roofing team.

Lifetime Shingle Warranty

Most roofing contractors offer 1 to 5 year warranties. Not us. All GreenPoint Roofing asphalt shingle roofs carry a lifetime workmanship warranty.

We warranty the roof installation for any defects caused by workmanship. Should a failure occur due to defects in the workmanship which may cause leakage or loss of shingles, GreenPoint Roofing will repair such problems for the period that this current roof is on your home.


We at GreenPoint Roofing take great pride in our workmanship. Otherwise, we wouldn’t offer lifetime warranties! That’s how confident we are that our roofing team is going to deliver their very best every single day they work on your roof.

We don’t cut corners, we don’t mix and match branded materials, and we guarantee complete satisfaction with your new roof.

Branded Materials Systems

All of our shingled roofs are built with matching branded materials as a system. For example, all Owens Corning roofs are built with Owens Corning products. That includes ProArmor underlayment, Weather Lock G ice and water guard, and Pro Start starter shingles. All of our Malarkey brand roof installations are built with Secure Start Plus underlayment, Arctic Seal ice and water guard, and Smart Start starter course shingles.

You get the picture. We don’t mix and match different brands for our roofing materials like some other contractors. That’s just one more reason why GreenPoint Roofing’s workmanship is a cut above.


We believe in our workmanship thanks in part to the experience of our team. Every crew in our roofing team has at least five years of experience working for GreenPoint. They are experienced, and they believe in doing the job right every single time.

We are so confident in the roofing systems we are building, and the workmanship of our team, we are willing to guarantee it for life!

Go with GreenPoint

You want the very best roof for your home, and you want the best shingle warranty go with it. GreenPoint Roofing’s Lifetime Workmanship Shingle Warranty is one of the best you’ll ever find. There are loads of types of warranties out there on the market, but you want one that will guarantee your satisfaction for life.

If this amazing offer interests you or might interest someone you know who’s in need of a new roof, check out our website today. GreenPoint Roofing will do the job right every single time.

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