The Future of Roofing

In the past few years, the Front Range of Colorado has jockeyed into the top locations for hail in the United States. With storms hitting places like Longmont, Louisville, and Lafayette multiple times in consecutive years, many homeowners have had their roofs replaced multiple times by GreenPoint. While this has been a good thing for roofers, consumers have taken the brunt of the pain in the form of rising premiums and the normalization of 1% and 2% deductibles. 


Deductibles that are a percentage of the value of the home are being slowly introduced as the norm for homeowners insurance in places like the Front Range and Texas. With rising home prices it’s becoming more and more expensive to replace roofs via insurance claims as a home valued at only $250,000 would be $2,500 to $5,000 out of pocket. Having to replace your roof multiple years in a row is unsustainable.


The best roofers like GreenPoint Roofing help combat this by offering free upgrades to class 4 impact-resistant shingles like Owens Corning Duration Storm and Malarkey Legacy products. These particular types of shingles help alleviate rising costs as many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums upwards of 25% making it all the more important to consider an upgrade. 


One up-and-coming shingle manufacturer that GreenPoint Roofing has partnered with is becoming a hero to consumers and insurance companies alike by introducing the first synthetic shingle made from virgin polymers in F-WAVE. 


F-WAVE is a premium synthetic shingle manufacturer that uses a proprietary blend of polymers to produce a lighter, more durable, and much more sustainable product than your ordinary asphalt shingle. In fact, they are so much more durable than your run of the mill asphalt shingle that F-WAVE has introduced an industry first warranty against hail. 


Not only are F-WAVE shingles a leading manufacturer of impact resistant shingles, but they also boast a 130mph wind rating, and are Class A fire rated. With the growing risk of wildfires in Colorado F-WAVE is in a class of its own in terms of green sustainable roofing. Another environmental factor that we face along the Front Range that makes F-WAVE all the more desirable is their ability to resist weathering due to the intense UV light. The sun we get here increases the rate of which shingles deteriorate and causes them to become brittle. When you have brittle shingles they become more susceptible to the environmental factors stated above. The less you have to replace a roof the less waste and environmental impact the roofing industry creates.


While F-WAVE may have a slightly higher price point of asphalt shingles, their durability in an environment that increases the likelihood of replacement makes them an optimum choice for any homeowner. If you only have to replace your roof once while your neighbor has to replace theirs multiple times in the span of a few years at $2500-$5000 a pop, the cost to upgrade to an F-WAVE only becomes more logical. 


F-WAVE truly is the future of roofing and should be considered on every roofing project


To find out more about F-WAVE (only available at ABC Supply) and their line of products contact GreenPoint Roofing at 720-684-5500 or visit our website at

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