Why You Should Have a Professional Roof Inspection After a Storm Damage.

Hail and storms are troubling. As a homeowner, you never know what to expect afterwards. Even houses with the most robust roofs can still sustain damage after a storm. Seasonal storms can be catastrophic. It is always a good idea to do a visual inspection of your roof after the storm.

A visual inspection may not be enough to protect you from future damage. It is wise to get a roofing professional to determine if your roof is still intact. The company will also assess any damages and advise your next steps. Here are some benefits of having your roof inspected by a professional:

#1 Analyze the Stability

The professional roof inspection specialists are going to look at the stability of the roof. The roof’s stability may have been affected by heavy rain, a fallen tree branch, or snow. As the homeowner, you may miss damage that a trained professional will find.

#1 Look for Leaks

Leaks may not be easily noticed with a visual inspection until the next storm comes. However, a professional will easily single out spots where the roof may be leaking. Don’t wait until the next storm to repair your roof. Immediately after a storm, get an expert to survey your roof.

#1 Check the Shingles

Let a GreenPoint Roofing expert inspect your roofing system. They will assess whether your roof is capable of withstanding another storm. They will advise you what your next step should be.

#1 Don’t Ignore Minor Issues

You may wish to inspect your roof on your own. You may not notice any significant damage after a storm, but you may miss problems that a roofing professional will catch. When a storm hits, there may be small hidden issues on your roof. A professional roof inspection by GreenPoint Roofing can help you discover these issues before they become a larger problem.

#1 Help with Insurance

Among the benefits of a professional roof inspection after a storm is that it may help ensure you get the most benefit through your insurance claim. To get compensation from insurance companies, you must provide proof of damage, such as pictures of your roof. While assessing your roof after a storm, our professionals will take photos and provide a detailed summary of the state of your roof.

All reports provided by our experts are professionally certified. With this documentation, your insurance company will find it hard to deny your claim. You will also receive a cost estimate of the damage, saving you a lot of time and energy. Reduce your worry by getting a professional to assess the roof rather than doing it on your own.

#1 Save Time and Money

If you choose to dispense with a professional roof inspection after a storm, you may have to cough up a good chunk of money for repairs later. Minor issues that go unchecked may develop into catastrophic issues down the road.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Get a professional roof inspection after hail to be on the safe side – save your time and money.

#1 Avoid Injury

Professionals are well-trained on how to set a ladder and where to step onto a roof. Since you may not have these skills, there is a higher chance of injuring yourself trying to inspect it yourself. Let the professionals at GreenPoint Roofing inspect your roof after a storm and avoid a potential accident.

After a storm, it is wise to understand your roof’s condition. You want to make sure there are no damages or leaks on your roof, and if it can withstand another storm. Get professional roof inspection from GreenPoint Roofing and enjoy some peace of mind knowing your roof is ready for the next storm.

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