What to Ask a Roofing Contractor

Leaks in the roof kept you up last night. As you scour the web in the morning you find there are countless roofing contractors in your area, all claiming to be the best. To choose the best roofing professionals, you should reach out and ask questions. But what questions should you ask when hiring a roofing contractor? Use our list below.




Proficient roofing contractors have the proper training, licensing, and experience. Ask these questions to choose the best Boulder roofer:


  1. Are you trained and licensed?


  1. Do you understand the code requirements of my area?


  1. Is your license up to date?


  1. How long have you been in business?


  1. What projects have you worked on before that I can see?




Roofing contractors are obligated under law to provide various kinds of insurance to their teams and clients. To guarantee that workplace injuries and accidents don’t cost you and that mishaps don’t stall your projects:


  1. Do you have workers’ compensation insurance?


  1. Do you have general liability insurance?


  1. What is covered and what isn’t covered in your general liability insurance?


  1. Can you email me a copy of your insurance certificate?


Methods of Working


Some working styles are expert-level, and they lead to efficient roofing systems at lower costs. To be sure that a roofer’s style of work won’t take up more time and money, ask:


  1. Do you do the job yourself, or do you use subcontractors?


  1. Will you pull out my old roof, or will you shingle over it? (Old roofs should be completely removed first)


  1. Will you install new drip edge when you install the new roof? (drip edge protects the fascia and wood from runoff)


  1. How will you access my roof?


  1. How will you remove any materials that are removed from my roof?


Quality of Products and Service


The best Longmont roofer works with products that have the assurance of an extended warranty. Further, they offer a guarantee for their workmanship during roofing repair or installation. Ask:


  1. Will you give me written warranties for your service and the products you will be installing?


  1. Will you use accessories that are approved by the maker of my roofing materials?


  1. How do you guarantee that the proper fasteners are used and that they are set correctly?


  1. Can you give me the detailed specifications of how you will adequately install my roof?


  1. Who, apart from the installers, will oversee quality?




It’ll feel like Christmas when your roofer does a good job at a reasonable price. To guarantee that you get fair pricing and better payment terms, ask:


  1. Will you give me a written estimate?


  1. What will you do to minimize costs?


  1. How will payment be handled?


  1. Should I expect any deviance from the contracted price? When and why?


Roof repair or installation is certainly not a simple undertaking. Professionals need the right skills and techniques to be able to deliver the success you envision. Use these questions to find the best local roofer.


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