Tips for Hanging Lights Outdoor During the Holidays

Your first chore this holiday season is to hang the outdoor Christmas lights because Christmas is approaching soon.

If you are decorating your home’s exterior for the holidays for the first time, keep it simple and straightforward. You can add to your collection of lights each year by adding more rows, highlighting architectural details, or draping lights around trees and bushes.

You will learn what works and what does not by starting small. Prepare to have the most beautiful home on the block this holiday season.

You need to have a strategy for your winter paradise before you climb the ladder and begin hanging Christmas lights, including the kind of lights you will use, where you will hang them, and how you will fasten them to the front of your home.

The size of your Christmas house display must also be determined. For your outside Christmas decorations, you might just be doing an around-the-gutters-and-eaves operation or you might want to think about something a bit more complicated.

Any plan, no matter how straightforward or intricate, is always very helpful. You may create a unique design that will work for each holiday season with the help of the following detailed instructions for DIY Christmas light hanging.

  1. Take a picture of your home
    Take a few pictures of your home from the street to start. Your design strategy will benefit from seeing your home from the viewpoint of your neighbors.
  2. Take measurements of where the lights will hang
    To determine the area’s width or height before hanging your light strands, use a tape measure.
  3. Create a master plan
    Consider hanging lights along eaves, pillars, posts, doorways, and windows to draw attention to architectural details. Inspect planters, window boxes, trees, and bushes as well.
  4. Ensure lights are meant for outdoor use
    Look for a box labeled for outdoor use when purchasing lights. By doing this, they will be protected from a number of external factors, such as rain, snow, and freezing temperatures.
  5. Buy plastic light clips
    Buy a few sets of light clips so that hanging your outside Christmas lights will be simple.
    With no need for nails, staples, or other standard fasteners, these useful and affordable items save you time while designing and help protect your home.
  6. Test your lights before hanging
    Before hanging each string of lights on your house, test them to save time.
  7. Assess your equipment
    Choose a wood or fiberglass ladder after checking the condition of your current one. Metal ladders can conduct electricity, according to the ESFI, which is bad when plugging in holiday lights.
  8. Attach the clips to your strings
    In accordance with the clip’s manufacturer’s instructions, snap the plastic hangers onto the light strands. Place the clips six to twelve inches apart, depending on your desired design and how straight you want your strands to be.
  9. Attach the clips also to your home
    Use the plastic clips to hang the lights from your gutters, siding, railings, rooftop, or other suitable surfaces to bring your Christmas design to life. This is where the picture you shot at the beginning comes in handy.
  10. Collect excess wire for even spacing
    Because light strands have about a foot of additional, unlit wire, roll the extra cable up loosely and clip it into one of the empty spaces in the clip, making sure to roll the wire so that the spacing between the lights is uniform.
  11. Attach lights with plastic zip ties
    If you live somewhere with severe winters, you might want to add a few zip ties to your lighting plan for added security.
  12. Turn on the lights
    Now turn on the lights to check.
  13. Secure your Christmas lights
    Do not use nails or staples to secure your Christmas lights because doing so increases the risk of damage. Choose the equipment and hooks you will need for hanging the Christmas lights.
  14. Stay safe
    Cooperate with a partner or attach a bucket to the ladder with an S hook to hold supplies.

Final word
Keep in mind to modify these recommendations to suit your individual requirements. Every home has a different look when Christmas lights are hung, so do what suit yours the best to brighten the season!

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