How much does insurance pay for hail damage?

When it comes to protecting our homes and families, insurance is a must-have service. In the event that disaster strikes your house, insurance can be the saving grace for your peace of mind, and not to mention your wallet. But insurance doesn’t always cover everything, so it’s important to be aware of the small print in your insurance policy. 

Especially if you live in the hail-alley states of Colorado, Wyoming or Nebraska, you want to know where you stand with home insurance policies. 

Insurance coverage for your home, and your roof in particular, is conditional. The answer to whether your hail damage is covered by insurance depends on a range of different factors, and in particular how your roof sustains damage. 

What factors affect your insurance claim?

While you would hope that your insurance policy has you covered for hail damage, there are a number of circumstances where the damage won’t qualify under your coverage. 

What causes the damage

In most cases, the roof has to show damage by natural disasters or extreme weather in order to qualify for hail damage repair. This means that if the cause of your hail damage is due to general wear and tear, you’re unlikely to have a successful insurance claim. 

In some cases, even if extreme weather has damaged your roof, if the extent of the damage isn’t enough, you could still not qualify for a roof replacement or hail damage repair service under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Age of roof

Over time, your home’s roof will depreciate in value and quality due to it being the first defense your property has against the elements. So some insurers won’t even insure homes with roofs over a certain age.

Where you live

While the U.S. is known for hail storms, some areas of the country are worse than others. In Colorado we fall in the ‘hail-alley’ category, which means you need to take special care to ensure your insurance covers hail damage. In fact, living in a hail-prone area makes it more likely that your insurer will include restrictions to the hail damage coverage they offer.

How does the hail damage repair process work?

The first step to getting your roof repaired is to hire professional help to independently assess damage before filing a claim with your insurer. This is to make sure that the damage sustained to your property meets the relevant criteria so you can get repair fees covered by your insurer. 

If the hail damage is substantial enough to claim through your insurance, then you could potentially get the whole cost of your roof repair or replacement paid for. 

So, how much does insurance pay for hail damage?

It is vital to remember that each individual insurer is different, so there’s no way to guarantee that your claim will be successful and your costs covered. With so many factors affecting the claim itself, you can’t predict exactly how much your insurer will pay for hail damage, but when you consider each factor, you can get a rough idea. 

Our services

At GreenPoint Roofing, we provide a range of services, including hail damage claims. So if you’re in need of support with an insurance claim, get in touch with our team today and we’d be happy to help. 

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