Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

After a storm, it pays to have a professional assess your roof. Things could be messy up there.

Not to sound like prophets of doom, but long years of experience and expertise show that storms wreak havoc on roofs. Your roof is the first line of defense against heavy rain and powerful winds. A speedy rehabilitation of any resulting damages can extend the lifespan of your roof, hence the need for a professional inspection.


Comprehensive Damage Assessment

Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and high winds can leave your roof in a bad state. Expert inspection following the storm helps to identify the issues and fix them fast before they worsen. A professional Longmont roofer will work with a comprehensive storm damage checklist to guarantee the utmost protection for your investment – your beloved home.


Wind damage

Strong winds that exceed 39mph can lift the roof or cause localized damages, including:


  •   Cracked shingles


  •   Torn shingles


  •   Exposed underlayment


Hail and heavy rains

Hail comes down with all the fury and the roof damage you will be looking at includes:


  •   Pockmarks and dents on shingles


  •   Loose granules


  •   Leaks and water spots


  •   Mold



Tornadoes can cause severe damage on the roof, including:


  •   Exposed or removed sheathing


  •   Debris that dent the shingles


  •   Holes and leaks from displaced shingles or fasteners


Hurricanes and blizzards

The most common roof vulnerabilities to check for after a hurricane or blizzard includes:


  •   Ripped shingles


  •   Damaged gutters


  •   Split seams


  •   Broken slates


A Detailed Stability Assessment

Finding the roof damage early can prevent the roof from being overly vulnerable when a future storm hits. Often the damage is not restricted to the shingles or what is visible.

A professional Boulder roofer will know how to look for structural issues on the roof following a storm. These include problems directly caused by heavy rains, hail, wind, or debris, and fallen trees after the storm:


  •   Damage to roof supports


  •   Damage to insulation


  •   Loose shingles or weakened shingles that are likely to break


  •   Weakened adhesive


Smoother Insurance Claims

Insurance providers are very categorical on claims and pre-existing damages. If they establish that your roof had some previous damage that you didn’t fix, your current claim may get rejected. That is why you need to get a professional damage assessment and faster remediation of issues after each storm.

A professional roof inspection can help support or verify your claim when you file it. Insurers want to see all the details, the extent and nature of the damage, and the repairs that need to be done. A professional Boulder roofer can provide a detailed report on this to help you in the claims process.


Good Roof Maintenance Practice

Roofing inspections can be done at any time of the year. Homeowners who follow this advice know their roofs are safe and secure. Repair costs become much cheaper when issues are fixed earlier – getting a professional roof inspection after a storm is a financially wise thing to do.

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