Managing and maintaining a commercial roof

Managing and maintaining a commercial roof can be a challenge for business owners. When investing in a new roof for any commercial, agricultural or storage building, it is important to consider the ease of maintenance as well as cost, functionality, and appearance. High quality and new commercial roofing can be expected to last for over 30 years. With proper maintenance and management from day one, your roof will cost you less to keep in good condition and continue to function for much longer. The key to caring for your commercial roof is having a proactive strategy. A proactive approach would be taking the initiative to carry out regular inspections and investing in preventative maintenance. Those without a proactive strategy will wait until a problem arises to react, often leading to more permanent damages, higher spending and more disruption to everyday operations.

An ideal maintenance schedule will include biannual inspections by a licensed roofing contractor. In Colorado, these should be scheduled in October and April. Then you can evaluate any damages caused by summer storms or winter snow, make repairs and prepare your roof adequately for the next season. A qualified expert can evaluate thermal damage and moisture levels using specialized instruments. They will usually carry out a thorough cleaning of any moss, lichen or mold growing and ensure seals are intact. In addition to hiring a professional contractor to make inspections, informed building managers and business owners can often spot the first signs of trouble themselves.

Following a storm or period of bad weather, you can carry out a brief visual inspection to identify any problems caused. Remember, hail, snow and heavy rains are not necessary to cause serious damage. Strong winds alone can take their toll on your commercial roof. To carry out an amateur inspection, start by walking the perimeter of the building and searching for any fallen tiles or debris. Inspect the gutters for a build-up of leaves and other materials. If possible, check the surface of the roof for superficial damage, fallen branches or evidence of animals. Inside the building, check for water stains, moisture build-up in your insulation or any evident weak points or breakage of seams. Learning to identify damage yourself can minimize the extent of problems and goes a long way in minimizing the cost of managing and maintaining a commercial roof.

When maintaining any roof, it is important to understand the warranties that apply to the roofing products and professional repairs or replacements. Many warranties have strict terms and conditions that require proof of maintenance. Keeping regular records of the maintenance carried out on your commercial roof will make life much easier in the event of a warranty or insurance claim. An organized building manager will have a clear emergency plan to execute in case of fire, flood or natural disaster. To have the best chances of a successful insurance claim following damages, the building manager needs to get a professional and independent evaluation carried out. GreenPoint Roofing provides a full range of roof inspection, repair and maintenance services. We also negotiate on behalf of our clients when they need to make an insurance claim. For full support in managing and maintaining a commercial roof, you can contact our team.